4x Kitchen Storage Organizer Racks

  • $29.95
  • Save $16.05

Organize Your Shelves Easily!

  • Sick of all the clutter? Wish there was a simple way to keep your living spaces nice and tidy?
  • Well now there is! Introducing... these very handy storage racks!
  • Save time and energy by simply sliding these into place into any one of your shelves or cabinets. No need of nails or screws!
  • Hang anything from kitchen accessories such as - mugs, spoons, scissors, can openers, peelers, sifters, dust pans and even small pots!
  • This can even double as a great tie rack, great for scarfs, handkerchiefs, keys and even hand bags!
  • Very durable and long lasting!
  • NOTE: Please choose from either white or black and you'll get sent a set of 4x of these. 


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try these handy storage racks out in your home for a full 60 days! If within this period you aren't entirely happy with them simply let us know, and we'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. No hard feelings. 

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