Large Cooking Spoons Kitchen Strainers

  • $7.50
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Transfer Cooked Food Easily!

  • Finally! Transfer your cooked dishes in a matter of seconds without all the unnecessary juices, sauces, fats, etc...
  • This 2pc set of sturdy plastic cooking spoons ensure you leave the fat behind!
  • No more worrying about lifting up those heavy pots and pans. 
  • The large surface area of each spoon ensures you grab most of your food in one go saving you time!
  • Ideal for veggies, pasta, roast meals, or anything fried!
  • The holes below allow you to drain all the cooking juices out before you serve up your masterpiece to your guests! 
  • Approx size: 13.15"L x 2.95"W
  • Comes in 6x different colors
  • Get yours TODAY and grab two for the price of one! Normally $7.50 each, get your 2nd one free! (for a limited time only)

60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Try these cooking spoons out in your kitchen for a full 60 days and if you aren't entirely happy with your purchase, let us know and we'll issue you a no hassle refund. No hard feelings.

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