Flexible Tripod Stand for DSLR Camera, Go Pro or Smart Phone

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Point & Shoot With Greater Stability and Accuracy!

  • Ever wanted to get those amazing shots from the best angles with better stability in almost any situation? Then... you'll love this ultra flexible tripod!
  • It's universal design allows you to make full use of this whether you have a DSLR camera, go pro, or smart phone!
  • The legs are made of flexible rubberised segments allowing it to wrap and bend 360 degrees around pretty much any object, such as a tree branch, railing, pole, post, etc... and still remain stable in rough or uneven terrain. Perfect for shots in the wild!
  • Because of the ability to manoeuvre and mold it to your desired angles you'll be able to take the best shots with less disruption!
  • This tripod is very light-weight, yet durable enough to withstand years of use!
  • It can hold any device you may have with a max weight of 10lbs
  • If you're an aspiring photographer you'll find this flexible tripod a true saviour!
  • Available in 3x sizes - small, medium, or large
  • Comes with two mounting screws for your desired device
  • Note: Camera is NOT incl
  • Get yours today for a fraction of the normal retail price!

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