Lingerie Mesh Net Washing Bags 5x pc Set

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Keep Your Delicates Safe While in the Wash!

  • Looking to protect your precious lingerie or delicate garments that need a bit of a wash? Well... look no further!
  • This 5pc set of nylon mesh lingerie bags will ensure your delicates remain safe and undamaged during a wash cycle
  • Comes with cute little sew on pictures displaying which ideally goes where making washing a breeze!
  • Simply insert your garments into the mesh bags, zip them up and pop them into your washing machine for a wash.
  • Never have to worry about damage or unwanted fluff and dirt getting on your favorite items of clothing again!
  • Set comes as 5pcs - 1x for socks, 1x for bras, 1x panties, 1x tights and so forth...

Warning: Stock is limited!


Love it or Hate it Money Back Guarantee

Give these lingerie washing bags a go in your home for the next 60 days. If they haven't helped you protect your garments or you aren't entirely happy with them, let us know! And, we'll cheerfully refund your money. No questions asked. No hard feelings either for giving them a try.

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